Seedfloks completed the latest EP the other day without any problem .

The album's title is "Do You Remember Him?" featuring Sarah Harralson.

It has 6 songs. Each song's title is below.

1 Woman, You Just Run, Run and Fun

2 Pray It For Me, Too (Song For MeTOO)

3 Talking About My Fellow

4 The Music We Kind of Love

5 Do You Remember Him?

6 When You Say Goodbye

They sound very pop so I'm sure you guys would love them.

So I need to preapre for releasing on CDBaby or streaming iTunes, Google and Spotfy.

Anyway I'm so glad to announced this!

See you guys soon!

Kawa / Seedfolks 8/9/2023

PS, please pray for the people in Ukraine.

PS'PS, Nadeshiko, Japan women's soccer team's nick name, plays Sweden on Friday, 11.

Can't wait!

PS' PS'PS, Football unites the world.

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