How to start

I got into country music back in 1994.
The first country song turned me on was a song called ”Quitting Time” by Mary Chapin Carpenter.That also means that Mary was my first loved.

Another ones made me surprised were two songs called “When I called Your Name” and “Pocket Full Of Gold” by Vince Gill with
Patty Loveless. Their harmony really turned me on, too !

Another country singer, songs and sounds was the album called “The Woman In Me” by Shania Twain in 1995.
It’s incredible with new rock sound !

After I had spent a long preparation time, I formed an country band “Seedfolks” and released 1st. EP. in 2011. 

About the name of the band

I happened to read a book called "Seedfolks" written by the America writer ”Paul Fleischman ”in 1998.
It was a great book to read. So I decided to name the same name “Seedfolks” if I’d put together an country band.
So I did it in 2011.

The original book was published in 1997.
About Paul Fleischman