Seedfolks with Sarah Harralson played on Sat. April 16th. at The Hurtton Hotel in Nashville.

Here is a set list below.
1- Woman, You Just Run, Run and Fun

2-Talking Bout My Fellow
3-Lord, Pray it For Me, Too

4-Fly So High
And her original songs

It was a 3 hours show so Sarah played cover songs below.
American Honey- Lady A
Somebody Like You- Keith Urban
Kiss Me- Sixpence Non the The Richer

Honeybee-Brake Shelton
Friends In low Places-Garth Brooks

Parachute-Chris Stapleton
and others

Next show in May are below

May 4th. 5:30-7:30 pm at Key West Songwriters Festival in Florida

May 11th. 8 pm at The Pond in Franklin, TN

Looking forward to it.

Kawa/Seedfolks 4/19/2022

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