※ These comments below were from the music directors working at

the community FM in U,S,A , Canada , Australia and U,K. after they were

listenning to 1 st. CD of Seedfolks when I sent my CD's to them.

Hi Masahiko
I have received your CD's and I really like the tunes.
The first truck is a bit funky and track 4 is a really good country track.
We will do our best to promote you .
I will be in contact soon."


"Hello Masahiko
Thanks , I received the CD's today.
I will place track 4 on the play list by The Seedfolks - The Day We die


"Hi there

I wanted to let you know that your alboum received a great review
and was added to our playbox.
It's in regular rotation and announcing the cause that album promotes as well.
Thank you again for your submission !
I hope the best for you."
Matt ○○○○○

Thank you for writinng to me !

I appreciate that ! Those made me so happy !

Masahiko Kawahara / Seedfolks

       Seedfolks 1st,cd/ Never Felt This Way
The Gleaners by Jean-Francois Millet (1814-1875)

         1 Never Felt This Way

         2 The Lady Wonders Why

         3 Almost There

         4 The Day That We Die

The Day That We Die

 Puroduced by Masahiko Kawahara

        Additional Players are

         Drums: Keita Tsuda
        bass: Keishi Kawauchi

        Keyboards: Jyuichi Abe

        Guitars: Rin Yasuda

        Male Vocal: Thomas Sawada
        Female Vocal: Maria Theresa Gow

How to start

I got into country music in the middle of 90s

The first song I liked in the country music

was the song called ”Quitting time".

That was a song that Mary-Chapin Carpenter sang and was hit ..

When I first heard that song , I though” What a beautiful music is this !

Country music is not bad ! "

So I got into and started listenning to country music.

Actually the rhythm of the country music was very comfortable for me.

In those days, I was a business man working as a sales man in a

sales department in a middle Japanese company in Tokyo.

At the same time, I was having a wonderful time to spent my free time

in a rock band with playing a guitar .

In 1997, I happened to notice that a great harmony sound which Vince Gill

and Patty Loveless sang together on his cd.

These songs were called "When I called your name " and " Pocket full

of gold ".

Thses two songs gave me a great inspiration and spent a couple years to

try to find out how this harmony works .

In 2010, I started this project and selecting menbers.

I've already known young talented musicians as a rhytm parts.but never

known singers as right ones for this sessio.  So I had to find out them but didn't

know what to do. So I asked Rin, a guitar player to help me a lot.

Because he knows musician a lot .

Finally he introduced me to two beautiful persons as a singer.

In January 2011, we started recording in a studio.

In March 2011, we finished recording as Seedfolks's 1st.album.

That's how I finished this project.

About the name of the band

I happened to find a book called "Seedfolks"which was

written by the America auther, Paul Fleischman, in 1998.

When I finished reading it, I found out that it was a wonderful book

not only for children but also for adult and that I liked it.

I thougt it was a wonderful to name the same name"Seedfolks"

if I put the band togther in the future.

So I did it in 2011.

The original book was published in 1997.

About Paul Fleischman  http://www.paulfleishman.net/

About CD

Album title : Never felt this way

Album track list

1 Never felt this way (Lament song)

A song about a couple who had been through the hard times from 2007

to 2010 in a great recession.

2 The lady wonders why

This song reminds you of somethig familiar.

So just listen ! You'll see what I mean .

3 Almost there (Dennis's song)

A song about a mixed images of somthing of a movie "Easy rider”and Dennis

Hopper. You feels like a good old days !?

I like the scene in that movie where Dennis, Peter and Jack were camping

in the night and were talking about freedom.

I think this conversation among them and the next scene are the one of the

most important ones that they're trying to tell us !

And also there is a interresting conversation in that scene.

That was about U.F.O. One of them has seen something unidentifyed in that scene

and says he saw somethig flash flying at a moment .

I think this description is a little bit different from what is real as a the way of

they fly.. I can tell you this because of my experience.

Becaue I've seen something just like U.F.O. three times in my life.

They are round just like soccer or golf ball and are lightning with silver color.

They remind stay in the air at least a couple minutes , sometimes they stay there

10 or 25 minutes.like they're trying to watching us !

And they appear in the day if you belive it or not.

Anyway, the scenario is excellent .

Let's talk more some other time. O.K !

4 The day that we die

A song about the city of Detroit in America.

About musicians

Keita Tsuda : Drums

A very talented young musican

Keishi Kawauchi : Bass

Born in 1985. He started playing bass in junior high school.

After graduating high school, he went to the music school in Tokyo

to learn how to play Jazz.

During and after college, he joined many group to play.

Recently he joined Japanese top group , singers and musicians on live gig and

recording . He's also a young successful player

His favorite music is Fusion and favorite base player is Will Lee.

Favorite musician and group are below

Gino Vannelli, Hiram Bullock, Incognito, Michael McDonald, Pages, Steely Dan

Stuff and others.

Juich Abe: Piano

Born in 1982

He had been taken a classical paiano lesson since age of 4-year old till

after graduating high school.

At the sametime, he joined a cover band by playing both keyboard and bass and

also were interested computer music like Kraftwerk..

After getting out of the high school , he went to the college.

He began to playing jazz and leaned how to play by Japanese guitarist.

Now he plays the piano with many artist in Japan.

His favorite players are Cedar Walton and Theronious Monk

Rin Yasuda : Guitar

Born in 1982. In his junior high school days, the Beatles'album "Help" made him

interested in music. After attending a university, he started playing guitar.

During and after graduating university, he joined many gruop as a gutarist.

His favorite gutar player is Sonhouse and his favorite album is Sonhouse's album

"Death Letter Blues "

His favorite group are the Rolling Stones , late Kyouusirou Imawano , Jeff Beck

and blues players.

Thomas Sawada : Male vocal

A Very talented musician

Maria Theresa Gow : Female vocal

A Very talented lady

Seedfolks 1st. album

Now on sale !

”Vince !  Patty !  you two watching this !?

I hope you are !

Anyway , I appreciate that "

Seedfolks is a new country music .

If you want to know more about Seedfolks 

Just contact us i

CONTACT : Masahiko Kawahara    eyc225@nifty.com



About anchoring

I love to watching TV drama series 'Colonbo'

Because there are many anchoring in it.

Anchoring means giving you some limitations in your head and you probably

didn't know it was used in it until you actually noticed that it was used in it

when you told it was used or noticed it was there

When you realized that there was anchoring and how it worked and it made you

so surprised and gave you some pradaim-shift in your brain.

Because you didn't expect that that was there.

But it was there and worked.

At the sametime, you get samething diffrent feeling .

That's what anchoring is about.

There are many anchoring in music !

For example, you know a song called "Love me do ",Beatles 's debut single

in 1962. It's a good song and still is now. But the idea of this song came from a

song called"Bye bye love"by a group called"Everly Brothers" I assume.

Bcause the melody of this song "Love me do"is a litlle bit like "Bye bye love".

More than that, Everly Brothers was a big group and has a huge influence in

those days and the Beatles was also influenced by them naturally I suppose..

Because the style of the vocal of
theBeatles was much like Everly Brothers's.

These assumptions make me think that this was enough reason for Beatles

members to release their debut original single which was influenced by thier idle

group"Everly Brothers ".if they were.

If you didn't notice that "Love me do " came from "Bye bye love",

THIS is anchoring ! The reason about how it work is chaging rhythm a bit in

this case
. It works ! It really does .

And it makes your music a big diffrence .I belive.

Another example..

Do you remenber the song called "Help”and ”All by myself"

A song "Help"was by the Beatles in 1955 and the other one "All by myself "

was by Eric Calmen in 1975 or so . If you remenber these songs , do you think

that there is a link between them ?
If I said yes , I know you doubt it.

Yes, it looks diffrent . Of course it dose. But I'm sure that there is a LINK

between them if you doubt it or not. In this case, the link between two songs

are lyrics , not melody or a rhythm.

If you have a chance to listen to these songs, listen carefuly.

The constructions of these two songs look almost same !
Take a look at

the Beatles's song "Help". The lyric goes like this !

「When I was young so much  〜  ,  I never needed anybody 〜

But now these days are gone 〜」

On the other hand, lyric of Eric calmen's song goes like this !

「When I was young , I never needed anyone.
〜 Those days are gone 」

What you think ?
It almost same ! But it doesn't look the same when you hear it .

What's more, the words ,"insecure or secure"were used by them.

This is what I call it anchoring.

Of course in this case, "Help"Beatles song was the original song

That means Eric calmen made us anchoring !

Another question was why he did anchor to the Beatles's song "Help' ?

I think he like this song very much like us.

But here is another question I got

Why Eric was doing this in 1975 after alomst 10 years's pasted ?  Why he

wasn't doing this in 1965 or 66 ?

Because Eric must've liken this song "Help " so much !

I think that he tried, but had a second thought.Because he knew what he was

trying to do was just following "Help" stuff.. He must knew that there were

nothing new in it if he did it. It was like A equal A'. not A isn't B.

If he did it, he also knew that almost listeners must notice his new song must

came from Beatles' "Help" when they first heard his new song.. It must be

too risky as a young talenter musician and his early musical career like Eric.

So he didn't I assume

At the same time, he had no idea instead and didn't know what to do.

That's why hd didn't it in 1965 or 66. It was a logical conclusion for Eric.

Actually he was a teenager when he first heard the Beatles song "Help"

I surppose. But it doesn't matter if he was or not .Because he did it in 1975

by HIS way , not following the Beatles's way.

Next question is why he did it in 1975 ?

I think something had must be happnning to him !

What had happeded to him ? I think he got someting that make him wrote his

new song "All by myself"
In early 70's, there were many singer -song writers

coming out
. A singer-songwriter named Gilbert O'Sullivan from Irland made a

big hit all over the world in 1972. It was a song called "Alone again naturally"

I think this song "Alone again naturally" gave Eric a great inspiration and a new

idea which made him wrote a beatiful song "All by myself"

Why do I think so ?
I can tell you this below.

First of all, the both titles of these two songs are almost same.meaning.

Gilbert' "Alone again naturally "and Eric's"All by myself "

What do you think ? If you don't think the same way that I think , take a look at

the lyrics of this song "Alone again naturally"

Do you remember I told you that he must be trying to write a new song by

influenced of the Beatles's song "Help"in 1965 or 66
when the"Help" was a big

hit ?
But he didn't. or couldn't .Because he must knowen What's a new idea was

all about and avoided taking a huge risk as a bad reputation like he was just a

copy-cat as an artist
.At the same time, he din't find anther idea

The song "Help"was a song telling us that I need someone who helps me
when I got older. Eric must'ved focused
at this point "Need someone".This kept

him unwrite a new song . On the other hand, the other song "Alone again

naturally"is singing us that he in this song doesn't need somebody directly when

he got old . It sang that he was lonely whenever it was .That't what this song

about. This point helped him a lot and he wrote the song "All by myself".

Because it says that "All by myself , Don't wanna be ! 〜 anymore ! "

It almost as same as "Alone again naturaly"

This made this song "All by myself "quite a diffrent song from the Beatles'song

"Help"and gave us a diffrent impression of this song . This is anchoring. Because
you can't understand what he or she was doing.until you are tolded.

Anchoring gives you a diffrent impression and makes you feel something new

when it is uesd even it is an old idea ! I don't know if Eric knows this logically

but I think he uesd this in the song instinctively.

By the way, this song "All by myself "was released in 1975

The other song "Alone again naturally"was released in 1972.

Do you notice something ?

Yes , if Eric got the new idea which make him write "All by myself
from the song

"Alone again naturally"which was released in 1972, why Eric didn't do this in

1972 or 73 ?
Because he must be gotten this idea in 1972 !

I tell you why. He was a member of the rock band called
"Raspherries"in those

After the band was disbanded, he turned solo artist and his first solo

single was released in 1975 . That was called "All by myself "and as it turned

out, it was a big hit .The rest is histry.

Eric seemed to save his favorite idea for Himself Alone , not for his band .

That's my assumption but it seems to me that it is a not-so bad conclution

logically and Naturally.
Don't you think so !

Next time , we'll talk about the difinition of the new idea ! O,K !

Oh ! I almost forget.
Next time , we'll talk about music of "All by mysefl "

Because they say this song must be based on the song called "Piano Concerto

No,2 " by Rakhmaninov.
. Mabe they are right. But I have another story .

Yes I have another story . Butb efore that, I listened some pars of the song

,which pepole says , is based on "All by myself"
, called "Piano Concerto No,2 in
C Minor
,UAdagio sostenuto "and found out it was almost same song of the

song called "All by myself that you hear
when you recognaize it gets played on

the air or you listen to. So this time, I say they are absolutely right, not may be

right when they talk about this song.

But I got an another story. It's about chord progressions of this song . It

remainds me of a song "Alone again naturally" . I can tell you this from the

chord progressions of the song "Alone again naturally"

"Alone again naturally "has many V-7 ,Y7, U-7, W-7 and so is "All by myself"

Do you think it was by accsident ? Yes, may be you are right. But what if it

wasn't. ?

Acctually I think a song writer of this song "All by myself "must be influenced

by the melody of the song "Alone again naturally ". Because the melody "Alone

again naturally "was too good for Eric . So he couldn't get away with it

But at the same time, he mustv'e been good enough to smart to avoid imitating

like copy. He looked around and picked up his familiar song he used to listen to

the pieces of classic music,
pianist Pakhmaninov' Piano Concerto No,2 in C

Minor "
.Because chord progressions of "Aone again naturally "must reminds

of a pieces of classic.

So he dicided to use this pieces of classic as a melody of the song "All by

"and wrote it and made it .

After all, he found ideas of both lyrics and melody which developing the song "All
by myself "from the just one song "Alone again naturally "

That's above my assumption.

Acctually "All by myself "is wonderful song and rhythming in this song is very



As I said, I think you 've already noticed something after reading this.

People tend to misunderstand of the originale ideas of the songs which comes

from . Actually people tend to try to understand the song itself. They also try to

think that there is no link among songs. They think that he or she got his own

special abilty of writing . They think that they were born with it.

I think another opinion. If they got it , why the Beatles or Eric used anchoring ?

If they got their own special abilty of song writing, I don't thik they use or need

anchoring. Because they were born with it. I think that if they got something

special of song writing , I belive that it must be anchoring .Because the new

ideas used by anchoring must be almost the same idea before the first old ideas

were used. Why they were almost the same when they were found out as first

old ideas ? If they got own special abilty of song writing , they don't need or use

them ! Although they got them, they used anchoring ! Why ! I think because they
needed them. Because they liked the first ideas and wanted to use the original

ideas. But there is a plpblem . if they use the first ideas by song writing , it must
be dangerous ! Because it must be found out as the original ideas by everybody

But they wanted to use their-like first ideas. So they used anchoring without

avoiding identifid original ideas. Because anchoring means the first ideas they

like are almost used as same as they are So they were happy ! So we were !

Because we felt they were wonderful and diffrent songs from the orignal when

we heard them .

That anchoring is all about and I think that this abilty is the their special abilty

for writing songs .

Next time we'll talk about a difinition of the new idea.

You know the songs called 'Where have all the flowers gone ?, 'Blowin'

in the wind ' and 'The sound of silence'

A question !

What's in common among them ?

The answer is their structures.

The other one !

What's in common between the songs called'All along the watchtower'

and 'Feeling Alright '

The answer is SAME structuer

                Masahiko Kawahara /Seedfolks

                       To be continued.


                                   All rights reserved.


Seedfolks homepage


Seedfolks is an Alternative Country Band

New announcement.

" You sound great ! Sound like you are

straight out of Nashville'.


    Comment from a listener after hearing a song, We

Don't Belong Here'.

New EP Available Now on CDBaby and on Spotlfy, iTunes

and Google.

1. We Don't Belong Here

2. I'm Just Running

3. Fly So High

4. He's Right There

5. More Than Ever


Keishi Kawauchi: Bass,

Yuta Watanabe: Guitars,

Fumihiro Ibuki: Drums,

Kaylan Loyd in Nashville: Vocals,

                    Kawa/ Seedfolks

PS。 Don't forget wearing a mask when you go out !   


I'm so glad to tell you that Seedfolks has just released

its 3rd. EP, ' We Don't Belong Here', featuring a Nashville

based female singer, Kaylan Loyd.

                    Kawa / Seedfolks


Happy new year ! Hope you are all with good starts.

We are almost ready for releasing a new EP !

We can't wait to all listeners to hear !


To all fans.

Thank you for listening and supporting us this year.

The band is releasing a new EP early next year.

Happy new year and best wishes.



Seedfolks has just finished mixing all the new songs for

the new EP in a studio in Kobe, Japan. The band is

preparing for releasing NOW !

Here is the list of the new songs below.

1. We Don't Belong Here

2. I'm Just Running

3. Fly So High

4. He's Right There

5. More Than Ever

" Can't wait to release it ! "

                 Kawa/ Seedfolks


Seedfolks has just finished recording with Kaylan Loyd for

its 3rd. EP. The band is preparing for releasing the EP

now !




Merry Christmas to Everybody. Thank you for

becoming our fans and supporting us !

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year !

Best Wishes to Everybody !



Hi You guys ! How are you all ? Hope you all are fine.

I havn't seen you for a long time ! We are doing OK.

Actually the band is preparing for recording a new song

with Kaylan NOW! Please wait for a while until it happened .

One more thing ! On Feb. 1st, I happened to find out that

How the lyrics of the song called, A Whiter Shade Of

Pale, written and played by the English roch band called,

Procol Harum in 1967, came out ! It is amazing ! Because

it didi not come from music , It came from somewhere

else ! Also the original idea of the lyrics of the song is

amazing, too! I 'll tell you some other time ! OK !

Thanks anyway ! Have fun and keep listening

See you soon !


Hi you guys. How are you ? Hope you all are fine.

I'm fine, too ! We are still recording now !

Also thank you for becoming our band's fan and buying

our music ! Christmas and a new years holiday are coming
soon !

Best wishes !

                   Kawa from Seedfolks,


Seedfolks and Kaylan are back in the studio again now !

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New single, We Don't belong Here, has been added to

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Happy Hew Year from Seedfolks.

To Our Fans And Listeners !

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Time flies so fast . It is Dec.6 today. We have less a

month left this year.

We' ve lost many great artists and musicians in 2016.

Also there were many things happening around, too !

Thanks to many listeners and our fans around the world

to listen and buy our music in 2016.

We wish you were very Merry Christmas and Happy New

Year !

Our new single : 'We Don't Belong Here'

Now on Sale !


We are very happy to bring you HERE !

Lyrics and Music by Masahiko Kawahara

Produced by Masahiko Kawahara


Keishi Kawauchi: Bass,

Yuta Watanabe: Guitars,

Fumihiro Ibuki: Drums,

Kaylan Loyd from Nashville: Vocals,


Seedfolks has already finished recording a new single

' We Don't Belong Here' last month and preparing

for streaming Now!


This song is dedicated to the memories of John Jennings,

who was a former producer and a guitarist of Mary Chapin

Carpenter, passed away last year.

He with Mary led me to open up to country music !



Seedfolks has already started preparing for a new

recording of a new single, this month, titled ' We Don't

Belong Here' with a new female singer from NASHVILLE !


Starman Became A Real 'STAR ' In The Sky So Suddenly

Just Leaving Behind Us !

As you've already known, David Bowie, A Starman,

passed away at 69, yesterday on Jar, 10, 2016.

I still remenber his big impact and influences toward

the music scene through his first hit tune ,

'Starman' in 1972 as well as TREX' Mark Borln's as

' Gram-Rocker' which was a new category at that time.

I REALLY like David's song,' Starman' since then !

So Everybody !, Let's sing 'Starman' and pray for him

together and let him boogie !


Happy New Year to Everybody From Seedfolks !

We Wish This Year Was So Peaceful For All Of Us.


Thank you very much to our fans around the world

for listening to and buying our music.

We wish you were very merry christmas and happy

new year !

We,Seedfolks,are beginning to think to make a new album

and release next year , 2016, now !


Seedfolks Had contracted with ’Ratspack Records’

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And starts selling Seedfolks's CD through Amazon

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Now Seedfolks' CD's are available worldwidely

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Seedfolks will release a new single

' One -Way Street'

One-Way Street

This is a new version for a single

Starts selling April 1st 2015. on CDBaby

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fter 3 years from releasing of a band's 1st.cd

on April 25, 2011,

Their 2nd.cd. was released

on April 25, 2014 through CDBaby !

Check this out !

"This album is dedicated to the memories of

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

His inspirations for love & peace changed the world

and made us happy ! "

                     Masahiko Kasahara (Seedfolks)

Seedfolks 2nd CD / He sings a different tune .

The Midday Rest by Emile Claus (1849-1924)

1 What to do when the times are changing ?

2 Alone

3 Now I know what I left

4 One-way street

5 He sings a different tune ( A song for Steve Jobs )

Produced by Masahiko Kawahara

Additional Players

Drums : Keita Tsuda         myspace.com/keitatstudio

Bass : Keishi Kawauchi       http://www.music.geocities.jp/

Guitars : Rin Yasuda         http://www.yasudarin.com/

Guitars : Yuuta Watanabe      http://www.yuta-watanabe.net/

Vacals and Harmony vocals : Thomas Sawada